New Beginning

I haven’t posted anything in the last several months: I was busy working on several new books–One, “The Money-Sovereignty Recovery Act (A Bill Proposal)”, is already on sale, on most online bookstores, while the second one, “A Theory of Tax Fairness”, is awaiting for the printer’s proof.

The New Beginning of the title is my commitment to begin periodic posting on this website–at least once-a-month.

I believe, strongly, that a good understanding of true economics–as opposed to conventional or mainstream economics–is crucial for the well-being and prosperity of our country, and indeed for that of the entire world. If you agree with me on this, or would like to know more about it, please leave your comments, I promise to reply promptly.


Dr. Jorge Moromisato

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Announcement of New Website

I’ve just started a new website at

It will contain ideas–mostly my own–about politics, democracy, economics, weather-control, space-exploration, energy, transportation, and any other that may strike my fancy in the future.

If you are looking for inspiration, or are just bored with the same-old, same-old, check it out.

J. M.


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ALL Our Fiscal Problems Can Be Solved FOR GOOD, with NO Tax Raises, Spending Cuts, or ‘Sequester,’ Says Denver Economist

Summary: By the simple exercise of its constitutional power to create money, exclusively, government could increase its revenues and decrease its interests spending by a total near $2 trillion per year. Currently, this power is being usurped by the private financial system that has created almost the entire stock of money that circulates in our economy—around $50 trillion. There are no plausible excuses anymore to delay our government’s recovery of its money creating constitutional power.


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Cover Letter to the MSR Proposal

It includes quotations from John Adams and from Abraham Lincoln.

MSR Cover Letter

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The Money-Sovereignty Recovery Act (Jan 30, 2013)

A Civilization-Changing Legislation

The Money-Sovereignty Recovery (MSR) Act, if and when enacted, could be the most important and transcendental piece of legislation ever produced in our modern world. It will solve in few years the most serious problems facing the nation today: the continuous fiscal deficits, the enormous national debt (Federal and States), the very dangerous accumulated trade deficits–over $6 trillion and growing by half a trillion per year–and the serious and growing income inequality–the “1% problem”–which are the central causes of unemployment and slow economic growth, in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Please, read the MSR Act proposal (by clicking below) and tell your Congressmen about it. Only you, the People, can make it possible.


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Announcement (Jan 2, 2013)

The complete version of the MSR Act Proposal will be posted here before Jan 9.

Its 70 letter size pages contain the following:

Table of Contents



One Page Summary  7

Expected Effects of the Bill  9

Proposed Text of the Bill  21

Economic Analysis of the Bill  29


A1 – Monetary Principles  43

A2 – Principles of Taxation  50

A3 – Balanced Trade  56

A4 – The Economics Discipline  59

Annotated References  67



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Expected Effects of the MSR Act (Dec 2012)

Expected Effects of the MSR Act

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The Money-Sovereigny Recovery Act Summary (Dec, 2012)

This contains a one page summary and a one page description of the MSR Act proposal.

The MSR Act Summary

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Text of The Money-Sovereignty Recovery Act (Dec, 2012)

This is the text of the proposed MSR Act.

The MSR Act Text

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A Soultion to the Euro Crisis (June, 2012)

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