Gun Control Now!!!

We Must Fix the 2nd Amendment!

J.H. Moromisato

Gun control may not be an economics issue; but it certainly is a political economics (poliemics) one. More specifically, gun control is a governance issue, and governance is one of the four-pillars of a modern society.

The defenders of the presumed freedom to purchase and own firearms, care more about such ‘precious’ freedom than the innocent lives of schoolchildren and other victims of such unrestrained freedom. The uncompromising position of the gun lobby must be met with an equally uncompromising position by the entire civilized society to stand in defense of our children’s right to life. Since the gun lobby shield its actions based on a misreading of the 2nd Amendment, the only way to end this carnage is to amend the Amendment.

John Paul Stevens, a former Justice of the Supreme Court, has dared to say what countless other American, myself among them, could only whisper: That we, as a nation, have tolerated the imperfections of the 2nd Amendment, for far too long; and that it is time to fix it. You can start by reading this Washington Post’s article:


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