Books by Jorge Moromisato

These books are available online, through and

“100 Theses for the Reformation of Economics” (2011)

6″x9″, 284 p., Paperback. $16.95 list price.

[11/26/2011-on sale for $11.35 at]

“The Denver Plan to end Unemployment” (2010)

6″x9″, 275 p., Paperback. $16.99 list p

“The Coming Age of Freed Money” (2010)

6″x9″, 300 p., Hardcover. $95 list p

6″x9″, 300 p., Paperback. $75 list p

“The Origin of Wealth and Poverty” (2007)

6″x9″, 396 p., Hardcover. $33 list p.


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